1 Rennie Pilgrem Defy (Afghan Headspin Mix)
2 Under_This Stay_Away
3 Play Moore Funk Box (Original Mix)
4 Kid Panel Rock U (Original Mix)
5 Wes Smith Back To Back (DJ Fixx Mix)
6 Colombo Keep It Down (Original Mix)
7 Far Too Loud Banana Boy - Original Mix
8 BRR010B_OOOD-Oddball_Hedflux_Remix
9 Katy Perry -The One That Got Away Mastherizers & Homie Boy
10 Motioned Right Here (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit)
11 Cyberpunkers Dungeon (Far Too Loud Remix)
12 Electric Soulside Soul On Fire (Original Mix)
13 Trampboat Ah! (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit)
14 Freeflow 45 Rock Chemistry - Original Mix
15 Dylan Rhymes Crunched - Original Mix
16 Colombo This Sound (Original Mix)
17 Hoomicide Atom (Original Mix)
18 Too Dusty Funk & Destroy (Stonewash Remix)
19 Dibi Denny Dirty Woa! (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit)
20 Aggresivnes Tempest (Factorfunk Remix)
21 Green Firm Funky Monkey (Original Mix)
22 The Flashback Project Got To Be Free (Original Mix)
23 Too Dusty Welcome to the Future (Original MIx)
24 Slyde Hold Tight (Original Mix)
25 Beatman & Ludmilla In Breaks We Trust (Original Mix)